An RTS game with Roguelite elements developed over the course of 10 weeks.



I had a very diverse role in this project, mostly jumping around and combining the art and programming while also managing performance and helping out where needed.

Some of the features I worked on from start to finish include:

  • ■ Building generator.
  • ■ Most of the particle and visual effects such as ability effects, player click, unit selection, procedural blood decals, waypoints, etc...
  • ■ User Interface. After AJ implemented most of the player HUD functionality, I took over, implementing and adjusting Michelle's UI art as needed. Next I made and implemented all of the UI screens such as pause menu, game over screen, etc...
  • ■ Powerup system. Together with Brian, I worked on the powerup system. While Brian made the C++ backend and implemented it into units, I made the database and the shop and win-screen functionality and UI.
  • ■ Audio creation and implementation.
  • ■ Settings menu for graphics, resolution, audio mixing, etc...

I had the pleasure of working with these 5 people:

You can download the game right here.

Building generator

One of the things I worked on was the building generator. As we wanted to keep the option of generated levels open and wanted as much variety as possible with a minimal amount of meshes, a building generator was a welcome tool.

After Sooi made a concept building mesh, I cut it up into modular pieces and started working on the generator. This generator places and transforms the pieces in such a way that there's no visible deforming. Good use of mesh instancing was crucial to keep the amount of draw calls at an acceptable level.

I wish I could have spent more time on this and we could've had more than 1 to 2 meshes per building element but there were other more pressing matters to work on.